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Hey everyone,

Come join me ( Maggie )  and weave a Necessities Basket of your own. It measures 5" deep x 16" wide x 6 1/2" tall. Woven on a wood base. Your choice of dyed reed and embellishment. Ball feet are optional.  I designed this to hold a box of tissue and a roll of toilet paper at each end.  But..... there are so many uses for a basket of this size.

Date     Wed.   January 22
Time    11:00 - 4:00
Cost    $42 includes ALL materials

You must call 706-781-5947 to register. We now require payment at time of registration.  A paid seat is a saved seat!  Hope to hear from you soon.  Maggie

REMINDER:  If you want to continue receiving my e-mails, you MUST go to my website and sign in under contact.  You will find this listing at the very top of the home page.

Necessities Basket

January 22, 2020

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